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Ahwi H600 v1.0
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Ahwi H600 v1.0

Because of Ahwi FM700 Forstmulcher I have been approached more often that there is from the brand Ahwi mulchers that "suck" the "dirt" on a pipe, and that one could implement this in LS over chips well. Very useful, so I set off myself and created the fictional Ahwi FM700H. This there are so not for real because the real (eg Ahwi H600) already look from the base frame different, but have the same function.


  • Grabby
    2016-10-31 09:57 Send message
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    Was this tested at all? There are dibiltating LUA stack errors that will freeze the game
  • Teilu
    2016-10-31 15:30 Send message
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    log.txt 7mo Lua stack error, fait planter le jeu quand on l'active...direction poubelle !!!
  • Morin
    2016-11-04 22:22 Send message
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    crashing the game :(
  • Maiklfox
    2017-11-17 02:14 Send message
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    You will be able to ... THANK YOU THANKS AND GREAT RESPECT
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