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AI Vehicle Extension v0.4.0.9 beta
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AI Vehicle Extension v0.4.0.9 beta

This mod replaces AutoCombine (auto combine and motor tractor). Sit in the harvester left shift + 6 and select the side to which the combine will rotate after start and start it with the letter -H- then use the left shift + 5 key combination to open the employee's menu and set it up as convenient for you.


  • Kmn


    2017-03-19 22:16
    sounds like it's not very user friendly. thats a lot of steps. what a piece of shit.
  • Dreammaker
    2017-03-20 04:55
    lol i put one on here and this is just funny
  • Dreammaker
    2017-03-20 05:26
    hay Thomas thanks for the up dated one and i put a screen shot on for you i like this one why easier to use i got one and i will put a do not down load on the one i uploaded just mins ago it is a old one and has a bug but thank you and keep it up (DOWN LOAD THIS ONE HERE)
  • Tim121672
    2017-03-20 13:05
    Thank you and ignore the negativity from other posts, there are a lot of us who appreciate modders. Again thanks for this,,,, :)
  • Armand
    2017-03-20 16:20
    Does not compare with the 2015 auto combine. That one was great.
  • Nathan
    2017-03-21 02:01
    combne seems to work pretty good but a tractor and seeder does not just wants to go in circles no matter what I do
  • Leon
    2017-03-21 12:07
    Ceci est une version piratée et va détruire vos sauvegardesLien du concepteurhttps://github.com/Mogli12/AIVehicleExtension
  • Tim


    2017-04-02 15:02
    It is getting quite good now and making Farming Simulator fun again. always check https://github.com/Mogli12/AIVehicleExtension for the latest version.
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