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AI Vehicle Extension v1.0.0.0
4 2 0 2021

AI Vehicle Extension v1.0.0.0

AIVehicleExtension contains an alternative hired worker that can work on fields with irregular edges. It has some additional features like a circular mode and headland support.

This mod automatically inserts itself into all vehicles if they already support the normal hired worker. Only exception are vehicles with articulated axis.

When starting this alternative helper it briefly scans the field at the current vehicle position. But apart from this, the alternative hired worker has only a little idea of where it is on the field. Instead, this mod looks, starting from the current position, for the border between untouched and already worked area is.

On beautiful rectangular fields with lots of free space around you can better use the normal hired worker. If you want to follow a certain path on the field then I recommend using CoursePlay. The mod FollowMe is great for simple following tasks. I have the two mods together with AIVehicleExtension in my mods folder.

Here are the most important input bindings:
* H: Start or stop the hired worker
* Left shift + H: Open the settings dialog
* Left control + H: Open the head up display
* Left alt. + H: Toggle automatic steering
* Left alt. + V: Raise or lower all tools
* Left alt. + 5: Toggle circular mode
* Left alt. + 6: Swap side


  • Georgie
    2017-05-05 23:32
    nefunguje :-(
  • Toro
    2017-08-07 00:30
    Hallo MogliMod nicht anwendbar auf Traktoren mit Grubber oder LKW´s Da diese nicht die Richtung links oder rechts, geschweige den Weg einhalten können.Fahrzeuge fahren und dreschen in betrieb auch ganz langsam, d. h keine 20 oder 30 km/h.Sehr gut aber bei den Dreschern einsetzbar. Müsste korregiert werden bzw. Update !!
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