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AkronBagger v1.0.0.0
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AkronBagger v1.0.0.0

Big thanks to alfalfa6945 for making a custom lua so the bagger will allow any grain cart to fill bagger without interruption due to various unload speeds between carts and simplifying the visibility scheme.  

to use:  
1. in store go to brands and look for Akron and u will find all 3 items there
2. attach bagger to pallet buy backing up to pallet till u see the connect icon.
3. u don't have to touch anything.  simply drive and place bag where u want and start filling with cart or combine (try to have level ground. bag doesn't flex).  there is mouse control to lower or raise unit for a level bag.
4. once bag is full (493,000 litres) detach and pull away.  
5. to empty bag hitch to extractor and back up into bag until u see the attach icon.  drive truck under extractor spout then go back into extractor and simply hit I to unload.  
that's it. 
6. once bag is empty detach and it will be in cardboard box and pallet again.  

in real life the bag would be ripped, thrown away and not re-useable.  but for now until the possibility of a version 2.0 this gives everyone a working bagger system in FS.  the model is very basic but im sure since the door is open now on how to make this unit work people will create better models.

model - unknown (can update if maker is known) textures - killerrf spec maps - alfalfa6945 ingaming - killerrf/alfalfa6945

  • Silviu1993
    2017-12-30 21:14
    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtM76jsH5F0
  • Lu_richter
    2017-12-31 03:27
    cool cool cool
  • Wedge
    2018-01-03 08:36
    awesome mod ! one suggestion for 2.0 could you make the discharge spout on the unloader a bit longer?
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