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All V5 maps by FDR Logging
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All V5 maps by FDR Logging

Change List
- All V5 maps have updated tree physics, trees are now very light this allows the machines grapples to make much better contact and you''ll see 90% less glitches when grabbing and handling large bundles. Light trees also have their own glitches now and then but I've found after several days of testing that lighter responds better than heavy in terms of the trees settling.
- Maps also have new textures and mill setups, plowable fields, new sell points and other goodies similar to the console versions thanks to Chads hard work.
- All machines have new tracks
- All machines have newly reworked grapples
- All machines have new weight systems
- All machines have performance improvements
- NEW Machine [Self Loader] Added
- NEW Trailer [Hayrack] new sliding bunks for multi tree lengths
- NEW Tool [FDR Chainsaw] Quieter saw with new textures
- 909 buncher no longer has FPS drop issues
- 320 processor has new body and height adjustments
- Trucks & Trailers all have new wheel and suspension systems
- Skidders have new weights and suspension systems
- Yarder reworked for new tree physics
- Buttntop has new stabilizer collisions for better holding
- Bucksaw has new grapple

1. Emerald Valley Logging Map
2. Pacifc Inlet Logging Map
3. Smokey Valley Logging Map
4. Arctic Logging Map

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FDR Logging

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