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Amazone 48 ROW 2017 v1.0
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Amazone 48 ROW 2017 v1.0

Amazone 48 Planter for Farming simulator 17
Price: 465000
Daily Upkeep: 400
Lifetime: 600
Brand: Amazone
Category: Sowing Machines
Authors: Prometeus / Greasersnoopy / heitorfs15
Copyright(C)GIANTS Software GmbH, All Rights Reserved.


  • @lmao
    2017-05-10 21:33
    Might want to look in the mirror before you start name calling LOL. GmbH is simply a acronym in Germany which when followed after a Company name (in this case Giants Software) designates a company as private. GmbH or Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung translates company with limited liability. So, now that you have been schooled and your I.Q brought up to 5 Mr LMAO, I say YOU are about as stupid as they come.
  • Steve anderson
    2017-05-10 23:47
    Dunno, ask a jew. lol
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