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Amazone 48 Row Seeder v1
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Amazone 48 Row Seeder v1

This is the Amazone 48 row Planter it plants all crops.


  • Already released
    2017-02-03 22:42
    This has already been released for FS17
  • Mike
    2017-02-05 13:39
    Some azzholes just don't know the meaning of the word simulator.....it's not lets see what retarded bullshit we can come up with simulator its simply simulator and therefore is meant to be realistic not ignorant and assanine.
  • Jim


    2017-02-10 02:27
    Seems funny all these people complaining about this and yet this is in the top download section??? Looks like to me a very well mod i might say!!!
  • Joey
    2017-02-10 20:33
    The 48-Row seeder is actually a real machine. Google it before you criticize.
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