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Amazone Mower Deck 2 v3.1.0.0
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Amazone Mower Deck 2 v3.1.0.0

Upgraded to Version
The Amazone Profihopper detachable mower deck was upgraded to include the power requirement and mower effects. Corrected the mower deck width in the store description.

– Attaches to the FS17 Amazone Profihopper w/ Detachable Deck
– Mower deck life span is half of what the mower tractor is
– Power requirement is 8 HP
– Mower effects: Cut grass particle animations

No errors or warnings in the game log. There is a small effect in the attacher joints when you first load the game with it attached to the rider; overcome by detaching and reattaching.

Release: This mod comes with a release to mod further. My only request is you make a slight name change and begin your own version convention.


  • Lilan
    2016-12-13 00:27
    pourquoi ne ramasse toujours pas l herbe?
  • Idgaf what you think
    2016-12-13 06:28
    your just beating a dead horse with this thing.... still doesn't pick grass up. Nobody cares about the attachments so stop waisting time you no talent twit and fix the grass pick up
  • Idgaf what you think
    2016-12-13 17:50
    *Yourself, *too, *to, *?
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