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Amazone Pantera v1.1.0.0
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Amazone Pantera v1.1.0.0

Seat suspension
Alterations to working width and sprayer arms
Sound and wheel changes
Various xml changes, albeit, subtle.
Amazone Pantera Self-propelled sprayer

* I've finally got around to learning blender(this is my first edit) so, I've taken the opportunity to add seat suspension(federung) to this mod. I've added the indoor and character nodes into the seat transform for the full experience. The *Sprayer arms have had a reduction in width as I personally didn't like how silly big they were. They are now around the 24meter mark.
* Ive made a few minor changes to the wheels, weight, sound and torque.

This edit was mainly to add seat suspension so, please dont expect anything groundbreaking.

Giants Software, SneakyBeaky

  • Fyi


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    @sneakybeaky, Just for info, IRL those sprayer arms are that silly big.
  • Faelandaea
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    Was almost sold on this until i read about the arms. As the comment above states, they are that big IRL. The seat suspension sounds cool, though. Add interior lighting and return the arms back to their realistic width and this would be an outstanding mod.
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