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Amazone Profihopper w/ Detachable Deck v1.0
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Amazone Profihopper w/ Detachable Deck v1.0

The Amazone Profihopper was brought forward from FS13 and upgraded with new features.

- Mower converted to tractor
- Added new tires and lights
- Mower deck removed and converted into attachable mower
- The mower drops windrows
- Future versions may be released with additional mower deck options
- Mower deck life span is half of what the mower tractor is

No errors or warnings in the game log. There is a small twitch in the attacher joints when you first load the game with it attached to the rider; overcome by detaching and reattaching. Also, the mower hopper was deactivated and will not collect the grass; will need a wagon to collect grass.

Release: This mod comes with a release to mod further. My only request is you keep the version number convention similar to


  • Bugger me sideways
    2016-11-29 05:29
    "Also, the mower hopper was deactivated and will not collect the grass" isn't that the whole point of this mower is to collect grass?! WTF!!!
  • Pegleg168
    2016-11-29 23:56
    Yes, without grass pick-up and dumping abilities you can do the same thing with a front mounted mower. No need for this one as is.
  • Ray


    2016-11-30 01:34
    I was waiting for this and now it is useless. I was hoping for the grass pickup. Oh well maybe some one will still fix this issue. Good try though.
  • Mbutterfly
    2016-11-30 17:22
    Thanks! Now I just need GIANTS to push out their Classics DLC. I've always paired this mower with their self-propelled forage wagon. The hopper never held enough grass for my tastes, so I'm not anxious about it like these other folks. (Perhaps someone can help you work that part out.) Anyway, I'm getting around pretty good so far. I've now mowed around various trees & hills, and I'm about to mow around some train tracks next. This brings me one step closer in my quest to mow all map grass.
  • Pegleg168
    2016-11-30 23:05
    I think I came across too harsh. Thanks for trying my friend. I'm sure you'll figure out how to do the rest. Thank you.
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