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Amazone ZGB 6001 BETA
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Amazone ZGB 6001 BETA

Authors: MefiuFs
Help: Matt26, Kamilos0397
Testers: Kamilos0397, Honda-Hybrids

Siemanko. Today at your disposal flies the spreader beta. I have problems with modhub which I have to solve so you do not wait for the beta version to fly to you (reject me fashion without giving why)

Price: 20000
Capacity: 4000
Daily maintenance: 100
Basic spreader script.

No changes to the link, no change of authors, no editing, no transfer to other parts of the farming simulator, no addition to the modpack.


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    Warning: FillPlaneGeometry shape geometry must be called 'fillVolumeShape', not 'g0_clone'.
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