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Amazone CrassHopper v2.0
7 5 6 2018

Amazone CrassHopper v2.0

This is a mod that i got from fs2015 i have ported it over and fixed it .. It is error free and all options work on it .. If the orginal owner would like me to take the mod down i will gladly do it and give them the ported version to upload.

Ported to Fs 17 by MrXsyon

  • ......
    2017-06-14 21:29
    who ever comments on that post must be one of his little gophers..go ahead get mad all you want your just a little salty
  • :)>>>>>
    2017-06-14 23:14
    this just shows you how f up he is and how he is screwing people over....this guy is dirty at what he does...a few months ago he was crying on stream like a little bitch cuz he was asking for donations to help with some stupid charity in his state...in which it was a big lie he made up some of his followers haven't got a clue of what he is really doing with the money they donate to him that guy is a sob bag face story teller
  • Not a snowflake
    2017-06-15 04:17
    Those of you whiny snowflakes talking smack about the owner of PV maps, you talk big behind the keyboard, but if one was to confront you in person, you'd crumble like a dried bread. Talking smack are for cowards. Nobody cares about your buttercup feelings, so do the rest of the word a favor, STFU.Thanks.
  • Lmao @not a snowflake
    2017-06-15 10:45
    NOT A SNOWFLAKE you must be one of his little bitches do you bend over for him and take it in the ass...is he to chicken shit to come forward cuz he sure does have to send a little bitch over to defend him...this guy is a freaking joke....
  • Lmao
    2017-06-16 00:47
    some of dajnet gopher friends or dajnet him self is getting the comments deleted dam the truth must hurt.. go stream some more of your crappy maps and tell lies you need donations.. i see why your wife divorced you
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