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American Farm Map v3.0
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American Farm Map v3.0

- Big farm for machine storage and potatoes and sugar beet storage. Straw sales Farm you can relieve at night with the light switch boot.
- The cows, sheep, pigs are together on the 2nd erf - Big grain storage at the animals-
- Big BGA
- Milk factory click here for the placeable milk mod
 - Big Machine Shop
- Point of sale for the crops
 - Extra fertilizer/seed sale point
 - 14 Fields
 - PDA Map

Map by Mike Giants, American Eagles Modding, light Niggels, Lindbejb Modding, FS-UK,Modder

  • Johnnyvee
    2017-01-11 11:54
    PDA pic would be nice, then I may download it
  • Mikefs
    2017-01-11 18:53
    you have no permission.create a map on your ownI didn't think it was strange that the community breaks downrespect show to the modders
  • Sdl


    2017-01-11 22:21
    quelle grosse merde comme habituer arrteer de faire des maps
  • Name
    2017-01-12 00:44
    If you are on a map of mod that you are not sure about weather it is 15 or 17. Look to the right where you pick if you want 17. the 17 tab will be down.
  • Hhh


    2017-01-19 02:52
    i really like the map but when i try to mow the grass on the very south end of the map it quits out of the game.
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