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American Farming 2017 v1 beta
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American Farming 2017 v1 beta

This map is done Bye Roger Leon Stanley Kevin Randy Myself Black Night Gaming Channel.

Roger Kevin Randy Blacknight Gaming Channel

  • Guest
    2016-12-27 22:49
    not going to spend 5 hours downloading a map
  • Bad download
    2016-12-27 23:04
    bad down load link has a virus
  • Name
    2016-12-27 23:31
    jai deja vu des gors merde mais celle ci fait parti du top 10!!!!
  • Joey
    2016-12-28 00:03
    Download was a little rough but well worth it. Very nice map.
  • Nebular
    2016-12-28 00:23
    The download only took me about 20 min. and was clean of any virus/malware. Nice map and has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, you can't purchase any fields or do any missions. Hopefully your next update will have fixes applied.
  • Nice map
    2016-12-28 00:45
    Very nice map. Like above said it would be nice to buy fields and do missions. Sharemods is a rough download but isn't any viruses. Maybe Thomas will add a modhub DL. Cheers
  • Jim


    2016-12-28 00:55
    Very nice map. Best one i have seen out yet. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next version. Not bad for a Beta. Like above said be nice to buy fields and have missions. Thanks for sharing.
  • Mikemodding
    2016-12-28 00:57
    Cheers on this map my friend. Very good for a beta. If you done mind i would to showcase this map. Talk it over with my team.
  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-28 03:16
    Download took around 30 - 45 seconds, which had me worried, until i saw the size of the map, so the speed was about average based on average internet ratings. Looking forward to seeing what this has to offer.
  • Bury
    2016-12-28 05:20
    ^^^^^^^ Fix it your damn self then bud!!! ^^^^^^^^ Internet badass
  • Tim121672
    2016-12-28 07:09
    Well said BURY..... LMAO
  • Hmadsen
    2016-12-28 18:01
    LMAO, hey mary2015 your I.P is on 90% of the comments
  • Not my america
    2016-12-29 03:43
    Rebel Flag?
  • Roger
    2016-12-29 03:47
    I am gona try and fix the feild triggers, I just dont use corseplay, it is still a beta map thank you guys for the info
  • Not my america
    2016-12-29 06:29
    Hello Robert. I enjoyed the download, think the work is good. Would you consider removing the Rebel Flag?
  • Not my america
    2016-12-29 06:30
    Hello Robert. I enjoyed the download, think the work is good. Would you consider removing the Rebel Flag?
  • Not my america
    2016-12-29 06:45
    Roger, my mistake, your name. Please consider my request. Thanks.
  • Guest
    2016-12-29 13:35
    @Roger, nice map, but look at rudy transform group, something in it hasn't been converted yet, also the wells fargo building and the doublewide.
  • Guest
    2016-12-29 13:45
    @Roger, in the list above forgot the 2 little boats and the spools of cable in the electrical parts area
  • Name
    2016-12-30 02:58
    KEEP THE REBEL FLAG!!!!!!!!!!
  • Areyoukiddingme?
    2017-01-02 16:14
    Seriously?...we are going to have to discuss a rebel flag in a damn farm sim map?...Wow you sensitive little pansies never cease to amaze me. That flag hasnt had racist implications for 150 years...drop it....or yourself....off a bridge...'Merica..
  • Bokkenjack
    2017-01-09 01:03
    tres belle map mais ne s'ouvre pas en mode carrier,tres domage
  • Countryboy6
    2018-07-30 08:14
    I love the map and the 2 flags i love a lot makes it feel more like home to me, keep up the good work
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