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American Forestry Objects v4
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American Forestry Objects v4

American Version (will be deleted when orginal mod is updated to english)

Gate now uses GIANT’s new animated Objects script
Included are:
Small tree trunk holder
Big tree trunk holder
Warning sign “Forstarbeiten” (forestry work)
Warning sign “Holzfällung” (No Entry)
Building site fence
Barrier tape
Loading ramp
Openable hand barrier

All objects are purchasable in the shop and can be placed anywhere.

All properties are purchasable in the shop and placed anywhere.
All my mods require a password, unpack and read HTML file for password.Once you download the file, open the HTML page Labeled “Open for password”
Further instructions will follow once opened.
Thank you for Respecting my methods that I share.

Creds: Skyhound, Lambo(american Translation)
Will be deleted once Original mod is updated to english

  • Lrsdamien
    2017-01-09 22:30
    The password HTML goes to a website to download a .txt file which is a virus. DON'T DOWNLOAD.
  • Shamtime
    2017-01-09 22:45
    That comment above is false. Works just fine, she has been doing this since she joined. Some of the mods have issues, but never received a virus.
  • Squad
    2017-01-09 22:47
    Scanned with norton and found out the above commenter is BRAND NEW to site and full of shit. Mod works, virus free
  • Lrsdamien
    2017-01-09 22:54
    YOUR RIGHT, NO VIRUS, I am stupid.
  • Lrsdamien
    2017-01-09 22:57
    I did right that so that prove the site for the .txt file is a virus
  • Lrsdamien
    2017-01-09 22:59
    Do not click on the HTML link site is misleading
  • Lrsdamien
    2017-01-09 23:02
    Virus they will hack your account for MOD hub with it.... I did not post this "YOUR RIGHT, NO VIRUS, I am stupid." LAMBOCOMM password site was used to hack my Mod hub Account.
  • Troll
    2017-01-09 23:06
    Troll.. troll.. troll... post a screenshot then if its a virus. Better do it before I do.
  • Lrsdamien
    2017-01-09 23:16
    well then I guees I will have to report all of your mods to Giants Software so they will get over looked... thanks for the nice screen shot as proof.
  • Lrsdamien
    2017-01-09 23:22
    I sent a screen shot of these comment and a screen shot showing that your password site and .txt file was flagged by my Antivirus software to Giant Software. I have nothing else to say here. I will let them deal with you and your mods.
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-09 23:29
    Ha ha thanks @squad for holding defense on this while I am at work. THANKS FOR TRYING TO TROLL MY MOD. Obviously people have been successful. I promise the file to be virus free, why would I risk my reputation? Thank you for understanding I pissed people off here, you can tell by looking at all the comments on some of my other mods.
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-09 23:37
    @lrsdamian Well thank you! I am excited to hear from someone who is a little bit more intelligent about the matter. I THINK YOUR A FAKE ACCOUNT, BARELY LEFT ANY COMMENTS AND NO MOD UPLOADS. YOUR JUST A TROLL CONSUMER!
  • Tim121672
    2017-01-10 01:53
    Why the password? I don't get it. Do you have a website I can just go to download this stuff without the hassle?
  • Atgk
    2017-01-10 02:00
    I didn't even try the whole password thing, it is not like I really need this mod bad enough to go to some suspicious looking txt site to get a stupid password, my computer don't trust it then I don't either.
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-10 02:32
    @TIM https://farmingsimulator17mod.wordpress.com/
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-10 08:29
    farmingsimulator17mod.wordpress.comNew password free download at my site, got permissions to post there.
  • Tim121672
    2017-01-10 21:25
    @LAMBOCOMM Thanks for this, have been wanting an English version. Keep up the GREAT work and never mind the haters. Don't feed into there negative bullshit. You just keep doing what your doing, some of us appreciate it very much. again thank you.
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-11 02:05
    @Thank you TIM, Little comments like that motivate me.
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