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An der Ostsee v2.0
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An der Ostsee v2.0

Love LS Community,
Herewith, my VS is the Map On the Baltic Sea
You can find the following on the map:
3 grain traders
2 courtyards
1 dairy farm
Small BGA
Large BGA
Machinery dealer
City of Swinemünde
In V2 the following is new:
Beach visitors were added
Chopped Straw
Cow pasture
Some minor flaws
Adaptation at the start yard
New corn texture
Purchased cows can now be unloaded at the cow farm
PDA has been adapted.
Required mods:
Chopped Straw
BGA Extension
I wish you a lot of fun and hope that the original link will be preserved. Further updates / versions will follow.
The map can only be set with the original link in other forums!

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  • Hansen
    2017-02-11 15:40
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    I got 1000/1000 fiber optics, and still 2hrs to download... Man I hate UPLOADED.net
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