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Animated Concrete Barriers by LAMBO v1
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Animated Concrete Barriers by LAMBO v1

Animated Concrete Barrier MOD
Farming Simulator 17 barrier mod

Well these guys were floating around as a GE placement and I took it to a new level.

It spawns as 3 barriers with Collisions.  Upon pressing V or B you will remove one of the barriers and its collison. Traffic will stop a comfy distance away from the barrier. This is going to be good times when it comes to hauling things.

A skid steer, telehandler, wheel loader or a trailer hitch will attach to the barrier. Center mass of center barrier. The far 2 barriers can attach to other barriers you purchase. Able to link together in many ways.

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  • Guest123456789
    2017-06-02 17:41
    This is awesome I have been looking for placeable concrete barriers for a while now.
  • Underscaled
    2017-06-02 18:34
    So underscaled these things are tiny. Unusable.
  • Lambocomm
    2017-06-02 19:32
    then Resize then if you know how. Clearly in my video they block traffic.
  • Benzin666
    2017-06-03 15:45
    update: http://uploadfiles.eu/jcn3i96hgb92/Animated_Concrete_Barrier_v1.zip.html
  • Lambocomm
    2017-06-13 06:49
    Benzinin666, thats a bit rude, plus you broke it... goober :)
  • Lambocomm
    2017-06-13 07:08
    Downloaded your UPDATE Benzinin666, Tried it... you messed with the lua and messed the lights up.
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