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Annaburger HTS 22.79 Base Transporter v1.1.1.0
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Annaburger HTS 22.79 Base Transporter v1.1.1.0

Annaburger HTS 22.79 Base Transporter

- Version Contest 2017 (9th place)
- Version - sliding, tilting, plane, added classicLiner, back door tipping, fixed size of ecoliner
- Version - new: planes, chaser bin, hoseSystem, textures & color corection; repaired: extensions, teleliner & small bugs
- Version - new: Tatra Phoenix 8x8, aplicator; repaired: teleliner, planes, text.

- hydraulic axle suspension (baseTransporter)
- moving pole (baseTransporter)
- changing extension (baseTransporter)
- changing color (all)
- configurations (all)
- changing sidewall (teleLiner)
- back door tipping (classicLiner & ecoLiner)

VBM Modding

  • Marc
    2018-09-16 18:30 Send message
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    dear modder, nice little pack to play with. i have noticed that you didnt add the slurry textures to thee slurry tanker like you did with the manure spreader,when u have spread the manure down onto the field u see the texture on the field with the manure but not with the slurry, can you mod that up plse ,everything else ir perfect and i like the mod very much.thanks
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