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Apartment house v1.0
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Apartment house v1.0

This is where I will provide my first map object for the Farm Simulator 17.
This is a multi-family house, which you can place on your map with the "Giants-Editor".
Ps. In the night light up a few windows to add some more feeling. In addition, a ParticleSystem was added directly to make the work easier for you;)

Modell: Elch97
Textur: Elch97
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: Elch97

  • Lolo62
    2017-05-08 22:54
    Bravo très jolie merci du partage.
  • Philipp horn/ elch97
    2017-05-09 02:30
    Seriously ? My Mod was uploaded to Modhoster.de 5 hours ago, and now this link is available for download on this page.Are you serious ?
  • Philipp horn/ elch97
    2017-05-09 02:35
    At least the decency you could have asked me. Would you like to publish it on the site? But simply upload here and among other things Downloadlink advertised is something naughty!
  • Philipp horn/elch97
    2017-05-09 06:19
    No I want to be in money or offend any people (Just like they do it right now  Have done with me)I'm concerned about the fact that it is directly after my upload on Modhoster here on the side immediately to find.
  • Philipp horn/elch97
    2017-05-09 06:22
    I have created this model and downloaded it for the farmers of the Farm Simulator so they can block it on their maps.I am happy even if this object pleases the people, and it is accordingly also used.Is just funny it is instantly found on a different side lower other DownlodLink.It comes so much as when the work is not really appreciated? : /
  • @philipp horn/elch97
    2017-05-09 17:41
    You tell us it's not about the money, but you clearly want the "money link" used instead. You say you'd be happy if people use it, but when the people have a proper download link (without the bullshit spyware/spam/trojan) link, you go mental. So you're a liar and you're trying to tell us we're stupid if we don't believe you. You wanted MONEY for this, you don't care if people use it. If you cared, you wouldn't complain that it's easy to download.
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