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AR Tippers v1.0
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AR Tippers v1.0

Converted over the FS15 Tippers and updated the particle systems on each of them. Also made the auger wagon attachment able to load seed and fert pallets off the ground. The brantner trailer holds 45K and the Krampe holds 60K. The Legs on these will need to be manually folded and unfolded. After attaching it you will need to hit the x key to fold the legs and before unattaching the tippers you need to hit x again to unfold the legs.

Gnescher(FS15 Orginal), NcRaiders(Conversion)

  • Dylan7
    2017-03-02 23:28 Send message
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    Hey Thomas... Can you please email me at [email protected] i released two mods so far and you've been uploading images. to me you seem like a good moder and i have some questions. Thanks, Dylan
  • Zzzzz
    2017-03-03 02:06 Send message
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    nice mods any recommendations on a truck with a long enough chassis they'll attach to, American truck preferred.
  • Rolf
    2017-03-03 14:03 Send message
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    Its nice you have converted them, but with no truck to use them it seems futile
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