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Army truck v1.0
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Army truck v1.0

hello once more farmers
I present a new modification BigBud K-T450
Contains no errors in the registry and is fully functional

store data
name: army truck
power 450
maxSpeed 66
price 205000

++ is washable
++ has lights
++ has a footprint on the wheels

and more
If they find a bug (I do not think XD) leave it in the comments porfa
As always many hours of work, I hope and have fun

vegueta BIWAK

  • Tom


    2017-01-06 20:16 Send message
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    Soo....is this the big bud tractor, or is it the 8x8 military vehicle?
  • Vegueta
    2017-01-06 22:45 Send message
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    no se realmente.. entiendo poco lo que tenia su descripcion original y lo cargue de esa formapero funsiona de ambas formas
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