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ASB Skin for the Citan KEF v1.0
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ASB Skin for the Citan KEF v1.0

Since I myself am with the ASB, and there are no ASB vehicles for the 17er, I have in this case the KEF of Fire Technology umgeskinnt. This is one of my first skins and the first one anyone sees.
The KEF is now, as there are no KEF's in civil protection, now a multi-purpose vehicle (MZF) become.
I am looking forward to constructive feedback.
I hope you like this skin.
Greetings Jacob aka. SP4RT4N3R


  • Yuh


    2020-04-04 23:18
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    yuh is my name in rel life and that means i love thissssssss mod so much i hope u don't delete irt i will ue this every day
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