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At the dike v0.99
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At the dike v0.99

Welcome to the download area of ​​the Am Deich.
Many will know our map of the videos. But I have to say, that is a beta version, it is because we / I currently have little time because of personal things. That's why I want to map the map now to the DL, because I will not come next months to create anything in the area of ​​modding. We / I do not want this map on our harddisks "gammelte" and make it therefore to the download.

Required mods:
animation map trigger

Mod Reputation:
Liquid manure lime mod
Chopped Straw Mod

Vertex Dezign: machine halls, cereal hall, grain store, timber fences, lime storage, shelter
Steffen30muc: Machine dealer Müller, Dausch Unterstand
Fatian: road model
NKB Modding: Fermenter
Nick98: Road signs pack
The_Green_Flash: Bullenstall
Manure plumbing: workshop equipment,
LS_Landtechnik: guard rails set, gas distribution station, welding machine, compressor
GE Mapping: Wire Mesh Fence
Max311: Michviehstall
Raptor5: Trees
Seba j: Unpaved roads
Contractor Wild (street textures, fruit textures)
Manuel: biogas plant objects
Heady: BGA scripts, silos
Sunsh1ne: Billinger country trading
MartinBigM500: Roth grain trade
Fendtfan1: Feldschilder, wood chip bearing, bridge
GolFox: Houses
M-S_Buschi: Europaletten-set, Large wooden storage set, tool objects

Where can I load seed?
At the farm, cereal farm,
Where can I load fertilizer?
Same position as seed

Is the milk picked up?
The milk is collected automatically once a day

Will there be a mixed ration?
No, there is enough space at the yard so you can store bales.

Will the watermod be installed?
No, it may be installed in a later version

I can not open the gates?
Is the animation map trigger in the Modordner, otherwise the modordner empty and only with the map and the animation map trigger.

Are the fields already fertilized?
The fields where fruit is cultivated are already fertilized.

The map may only be offered with ORIGINAL link on other forums or website!
The map may not be uploaded new or in a modified version!
!! Important !!
The mod "Adjustments of the fruit anchors of cutters" Ifkonator does not work, there is a warped texture in the Maishäcksler, please remove this mod for the map, if someone still wants the appropriate Einzugsanimationen wants, he can contact the support of the Allgäuer Moor or contact form .

Modell: Maschinenring
Textur: Maschinenring
Script: Maschinenring
Idee / Konzept: Maschinenring
Tester: Maschinenring
Sonstige: Maschinenring

  • Wmmodding
    2016-11-15 04:38 Send message
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    Not converted to FS17...... This is still a map for FS15.
  • Warondar
    2016-11-15 18:53 Send message
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    I can confirm that as well. This map is posted in the FS15 category at ModHoster.com, and has not been made/converted for FS17.
  • Needs conversion
    2016-11-16 08:42 Send message
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    After seeing the photos I was really excited about this map.....then I scrolled to the comments and it's still a FS15 map...Honestly that's a real shame!
  • Bigben
    2016-11-20 02:42 Send message
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    same here as well was so happy to see the pictures but i cant get it to work what a let down
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