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ATC Vehicle Pack v1.0.0
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ATC Vehicle Pack v1.0.0

Hello everybody,

Some of you have followed the genesis of the pack so far in this Thread ATC Vehicle Pack here in the forum.
For all others a brief introduction to the concept of (A) bsolute (T) ransportation (C) ompany, ATC for short.

ATC is a global company that is active in all logistics areas around the LS (well, stand today will be).
Since logistics is a highly competitive market in particular, we at ATC want to be consistent,
Modularization and convince with a comprehensive range of services.
On the one hand, we focus on cooperations with well-known companies, such as MAN, a big part of our vehicles,
However, equipment, buildings and facilities are developed in-house and are sold under our brand name A.T.C. distributed.
We gladly provide our products to others to support their own developments.
In this case, however, make sure that the ATC branding is completely removed! For further inquiries, we are of course happy to help.

Like any company, we at ATC start with big plans and small steps.
And so today we are able to present the first vehicle package of our offer.

These are all-wheel-drive trucks of the MAN brand with ATC Plateau bodies
This first version contains the following trucks
TGS 4x4 3600x1250 with M cab
TGS 4x4 4500x2350 with L cab
TGS 6x6 3900x2050 with L cab
TGS 6x6 4200x2200 with M cab

The trucks have the following features:
Engine power selectable: 420, 460 and 500 hp
Body color freely selectable
Rim color freely selectable
Tire selectable: road, agricultural, terrain, tractor (with and without labeling)
admission script
Dynamic Mount Attacher for transporting small vehicles
Extendable ramps
Trailer coupling front
Rear trailer hitch with connections for Dynamic Hoses
XENON headlights
daytime running lights
RUL with additional strobes
Adaptive cornering light

All functions of the trucks are visible in the F1 menu and can be operated completely via the keyboard.

Note to the UAL:
There is a small change compared to the original V3 script:
Since I do not use HD bales, I've changed the query for HD bales in palettes in the script and set the TG so,
that BigBags can be stacked loaded in 2 levels.
The help text entries are changed accordingly. You have to be careful that there are no pallets in the area if you choose this option.
BigBags fall into the category "Fillable Pallet", so they would be loaded and then rumbles on Platau :).

Note on daytime running lights and strobes:
Strobes and DLR will only work if the Lightaddon by Grisu18
VertexDesign (https: //www.farming-simulator....e&country=en&mod_id=53564) is installed in Modfolder

My logfile has no errors or warnings!

A word about the release:
The pack is free for use, editing and distribution for non-commercial purposes.
No further shares are required
In the case of own further processing and distribution, it must be ensured that the ATC branding elements are removed or replaced.
If this does not happen, I consider that pirated and will pursue it accordingly.
Scripts, models, etc., which I use in this mod, have the global release or are already freely available anyway.
It is in my view, however, a matter of politeness to list or the creators in the credits.
I would also wish the same of you, if you continue to build my things.
That would be, I believe, all said.

Praise (preferably), criticism (if need be), suggestions and questions you can go here in the forum.
The thread here -> ATC Vehicle Pack <- is meant for that.

Have fun with it!

V1.0.0.0 -> 20.01.2018
added plateau trucks

original models, GIANTS
textures, GIANTS
concept, Alfredix
remodelling, Alfredix
testing, Alfredix
ifko[nator], addStoreCategory
Grisu18 - VertexDesign, Lightaddon
Xentro, dynamic Hoses
HoT Team, UAL
Blacky_BPG, Zulassungsscript

  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-23 20:17
    mod video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnkT4T4_ud8
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