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ATC Vehicle Pack edited xml v4.0.1.0
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ATC Vehicle Pack edited xml v4.0.1.0

Edited the modDesc.xml and the .xml from the Cargo line , now you know how much the trailesrs can transport in the description
the ''-'' means that I dont know because I dont have the mods
if you can test those post in the comments so that i can edit it.

ATC_Vehicle_Pack -
original models, GIANTS
textures, GIANTS
concept, Alfredix
remodelling, Alfredix
testing, Alfredix
ifko[nator], addStoreCategory
Grisu18 - VertexDesign, Lightaddon
Xentro, dynamic Hoses
HoT Team, UAL
Blacky_BPG, Zulassungsscript

ATC_Vehicle_Pack edited -

  • Crysty
    2018-11-25 21:10
    replace the .xml from the original ATC VEHICLE PACK with the ones from here
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