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Auenbach LS17 V2.1
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Auenbach LS17 V2.1

Foreword: It is time, we have finished for you the first map for the Ls17 finished.

- Trigger for liquid fertilizer is missing - fixed!
- Fruit goes through BGA / hall walls - fixed!
- Signs added to seed and co
- Marker added to seed and Co
- Cow marker fixed
- Chopped Straw installed (function mode needed!) Available with Modhub!)
- Floating trees fixed
- Sheep trigger checked (tipping with loading wagons possible if you are right in front of it!)
- Gap in the waterplane fixed on the brook
- Sunflower texture swapped
- Grass from the streets
- Field 5 Job Area enlarged
- Door trigger reworked
- Tanktrigger reworked, now only 1 tank symbol on the PDA
- Diverse things fixed, shifted, more beautifully made.

It is the well-known Auenbach Map. The map is NOT a conversion! Except for the terrain, the map has been completely rebuilt since the effort for a conversion would have been much higher! The Auenbach is primarily an SP map, but there is also enough in the MultiPlayer to do. Since the Ls17 is still very young, there are still not many scripts and thus functions which one could block. Auenbach has all the features of the standard map, except the train. The map size makes the train useless here, so we left it off! We from the FSM team hope that we have met your taste nevertheless in the short time, since some conversions had to be made on the basis of the new features And the map has changed. Map Facts: - Rebuilding the map - All standard features (no train) - 8 fields - Missions - Gold Nuggets to collect - Newly built farm, first built on a map! - Merge fields - Cow, pig, sheep, chickens - Egg tray for 100 eggs - Ai traffic - Ai pedestrian - Small farm BGA - loading crane for wood - Animated animals + people - Functioning Speedcam / ALPHAVERSION! (Only in SP with full function!) - Random events - Some for the eye, who searches the finds: bg: Pure construction time of the map: approx. 8 days   Required mods: - no   Known problems : - no   epilogue As mentioned above, massive errors should occur, there are enough ways to tell us. Write us in the support area or come into the TS. The map runs silently days on our server, thanks to patch v1.3, without major problems. We hope that we have not forgotten our functional tests, thanks again to the whole team for ideas and criticism, especially for your time. Also a thank you to our supporters, who always build up and cheer us up. Your since SUPER: thumbsup: This map may be offered for download on each page, but only with ORIGINALLINK! Have fun with it! cu boss

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  • Luc


    2016-11-14 23:32
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    Thanks for the update guys.Love this map :)
  • Alexandro
    2016-11-15 10:44
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    Lovely farm, with lots of spaces for your equipment. Watch for the speed camera, I payed more than 5 k for speeding :-( Cats and dogs, horses... why there are none on the Giants maps? I find it OK that there is only one selling point for your grains, because the whole ups and downs in prices and driving all around was never my thing.
  • Tomboy64
    2016-11-15 21:21
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    when i cut tree down and save the game and go back on to the game they have gone as anyone else had that problem
  • Anthony
    2016-11-16 18:10
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    I love the FS15 version, play it all the time. Glad to see a new version on FS 17. Will play it for sure. I just wish it was a little bigger, say another 7 or 8 fields would be perfect.There's not enough to do without fast forwarding.. I would like more fields to do while others are growing. Thank you again for the map...
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