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Aurora v1.1 Beta
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Aurora v1.1 Beta

Aurora 1.0 beta forgives small errors!

Version 1.1 Beta
* Forest at the village reworked
* Initial fields entered and CP finished

PDA Not applicable to the woods

packing plant
wood pellet
Feeding house (cow and pig)
Diesel production

Sold at:
port Authority
Tractor Meier
Stadtwerke straw power station

Installed scripts:
FarmingTablet 2.0 (Kevink98)
Sawing saw when sawing ()
Cows: hay no longer with silage but with grass ()
Factory script (by Kevink98)

Log is clean!
At the moment small problem with AMD systemen! The first 3-5 min CAN FPS breakouts come! As soon as he has buffered the map, this is over and you can play without problems! Why that is so I can not tell you!
The map has here and there still small beauty errors but which are diligently repaired. I would be grateful for a feedback regarding the rate of the productions! Since I have to date, no judges could determine the one way. (Diesel consumption, rate of production, yield)

Here it is, my first map! I do not want to say much to the way she has gone: D But thanks to some people who helped me! Thanks to Heino for lawn mowing: P An Heiner for the help with the Pda!
To El Cid thank you that I blown you completely and you helped me with many questions! Thanks to the guys from the Ls Modcompany that I was allowed to belive at Facebook! And thank Luan for the look! Have a good with me. Thanks for the team Aurora for testing! And thank you all all the people who have built the mods, buildings, textures and and and!


Textur: El_Cid (Foliage Texturen) ,Luan ( Wasserplane)
Script: Kevink89
Idee / Konzept:
Tester: Team Aurora
Sonstige: Danke an Heiner Heino und dem Farmin Team Aurora

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