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AutoDrive v0.7.4
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AutoDrive v0.7.4

With this script it is possible to let every tractor drive automatically to any of the predefined locations on the map no matter where the tractor is currently.

Version 0.7.4
Sorry, schneller Bugfix von der 0.7.3

Just choose the destination with the ingame HUD or use the keys which can be definden in the option screen.
Then activate AutoDrive and the tractor will drive to the destination autonomously.
You can also record new waypoints either only temporarily and for one tractor which can be driven in a "silomode". So the tractor will drive from start to finish forwards and then from the finish to the start backwards.
But you can also record permanent waypoints and connect them to the existing grid of waypoints on the Goldcrest Valley Map. If you play on another map, just start your own grid. You can combine routes on every waypoint and create a network of routes across the whole map. Just have a look at the one in "Goldcrest Valley".
Have fun with the mod and please give me feedback if something is not clearly explained or if there is a bug in the script.

HUD-Icons by OlfDE

  • Daniel boling
    2016-11-28 19:05
    How do I select the destination? Nothing works. And is it this mod that's causing me extreme fps lag when I'm in a vehicle? I get out or open a screen and it's fine, but once I start driving it lags...more info pls...maybe an instructional video or better pics!
  • Nebular
    2016-11-28 20:23
    Mod does not work with v.1.3.1. Tried loading only the AD mod in a new game using the default map. The HUD will only show the number "40" on the right side when using "left ALT + KP_0" and the log file gets flooded with "Error: Can't load resource" errors pointing to a huge list in FarmingSimulator2017/mods/AutoDrive/img
  • Nebular
    2016-11-28 20:32
    It appears the file is corrupt on this site. Modhoster is showing V0.7.5 on their site and that one works fine. Might need to re-upload to this site.
  • Neoblaster
    2016-11-28 21:10
    Same hereTruncated log :Error: Can't load resource :'D:/(..)/AutoDrive/img/off.dds'.'D:/(..)/AutoDrive/img/record_off.dds'.'D:/(..)/AutoDrive/img/silomode_off.dds'.'D:/(..)/AutoDrive/img/debug_off.dds'.'D:/(..)/AutoDrive/img/showClosest_off.dds'.'D:/(..)/AutoDrive/img/showNeighbor_off.dds'.'D:/(..)/AutoDrive/img/recalculate.dds'.'D:/(..)/AutoDrive/img/deleteWaypoint.dds'.'D:/(..)/AutoDrive/img/ADHud_new.dds'.
  • Pawel
    2016-11-29 21:04
    auto tractor and auto combine the best
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