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AutoDrive v1.0.2
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AutoDrive v1.0.2

With this script it is possible to let every tractor drive automatically to any of the predefined locations on the map no matter where the tractor is currently.

Version 1.0.2
Many Bugfixes.
Paths which are recorded both ways
better traffic detection
new hud
Frontloader cam added
destinations selection by typing in name and cycling thorugh with tab key
trailer unloading
and many more

Just choose the destination with the ingame HUD or use the keys which can be definden in the option screen.
Then activate AutoDrive and the tractor will drive to the destination autonomously.
You can also record new waypoints either only temporarily and for one tractor which can be driven in a "silomode". So the tractor will drive from start to finish forwards and then from the finish to the start backwards.
But you can also record permanent waypoints and connect them to the existing grid of waypoints on the Goldcrest Valley Map. If you play on another map, just start your own grid. You can combine routes on every waypoint and create a network of routes across the whole map. Just have a look at the one in "Goldcrest Valley".
Have fun with the mod and please give me feedback if something is not clearly explained or if there is a bug in the script.

HUD-Icons by OlfDE

  • Daniel boling
    2016-12-16 05:08
    LOVE the progress! The HUD is back up a running, and I LOVE how smooth the tractors run now. They used to run left and right and glitch, it looked really stupid...but you are a great modder so far and I can't wait to see what you release in the future!Please respond if you want a chance to talk a bit through email.
  • Neoblaster
    2016-12-16 18:41
    After i used the mod, i can't load back my savegame.I have to disabled it to save and reactivate it to play with it.Script stuck on AD: recalculating routes
  • Neoblaster
    2016-12-16 20:04
    Where can i find tuto to create roads ?I try to make road, but that didn't distinguish waypoint. Waypoint B is considers as A...
  • Neoblaster
    2016-12-16 21:11
    Ok i succeeded !First, set debug mode.Then, create the first road as loop with record option (red).Update routes, save game and restart it.Then create waypoint on the road with "select neighbor point" and set waypoint (without record option)That it, you have created the first route !
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