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Autoload Bale Spike 6 High v1.0
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Autoload Bale Spike 6 High v1.0

AutoLoad Stoll Bale Spike.
- Stacks squarebales 6 high.
- Stacks roundbales 3 high.


  • Benzin666
    2017-07-16 11:11
    update: http://uploadfiles.eu/zf2ip8qxbgvp/Stoll_AutoLoad_Bale_Spike_v1.zip.html
  • Flusty94
    2017-07-16 11:46
    Sorry Benzin666, That update is not mine, nor will I credit you if it's yours, I've just released it, and I will be doing the updates myself, DO NOT DOWNLOAD BENZIN666's LINK.If you have updated it, what have you done? and if so, why did you not just create your own instead of doing someone elses?
  • Derek
    2017-07-16 14:39
    Downloaded this few weeks back on another website so saying its yours is false info
  • Flusty94
    2017-07-16 14:49
    Well you probably downloaded the original script tutorial files, which yes, is the same as this, becaause that is where they come from, however i reskinned, and added more of the auto load feature.... do i see you making this? no.
  • Susan
    2017-07-16 19:10
    At least others would put original credits which i dont see here do i NO
  • Next door joe
    2017-07-17 00:01
    Thanks for the mod Flusty94, I couldn't give less of a shit about credits as it's all Giants anyway. Thank you for sharing
  • Silviu1993
    2017-07-17 00:42
    mod video here.......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT0o7ppMsNE&t=43s
  • Boydog22
    2017-07-17 15:30
    I see my new upload went well with all correct credits in place except yours of coarse because you dont know the meaning of RESPECT
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