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Autumn Oaks v1.0.0.0
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Autumn Oaks v1.0.0.0

Autumn Oaks is a fictional placed based off real world imagery from northeast Wisconsin. This is an American styled map based around small family farms. The map features all of the basic game functions with custom crop textures, multi terrain angle, chopped straw, animated gates and lights, extra foliage layers, and customized weather and foliage for the seasons mod. Fields 1 through 4 are actually the farms as a whole and come with the surrounding fields when you buy that particular farm. The map starts at farm 1, a small older style farm, and can work your way up to purchase the other farms and fields on the map. Though I centered the map around dairy farming, there is one sell point where you can sell crops, sell wool, buy and sell livestock, buy and sell vehicles, and aquire other base game commodities. There is also an area to sell lumber and woodchips behind a neighbors house at his woodshop. Many thanks to the fellow
modders out there whos help and influence has gone into this map. I hope you enjoy. -cwj108

Special thanks to Giants, BulletBill83, Oxygendavid, RAND0Msparks, Tex57, CBJ Midwest Modding, NLDFarmers, Marhu, SickleBandit, Lindbejb Modding, Blacksheep Modding, if I have left anyone out, please let me know.


  • Hmadsen
    2017-12-18 20:13
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    I have made traffic on it, so it the guy/s who made this fantastic map wants it, please ad a comment and I'LL send the map or just the traffic splines. And no, I wont upload it . Again, its a fantastic map, not too big or too small, the layout is great and well made, Good job modder/s
  • Hammer
    2017-12-19 00:26
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    awe look at you guys cry about who people who make nice things and wont share with babies like you
  • Jim


    2017-12-19 03:55
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    Map has a good start but needs work. Its a PC killer. Even a top line PC your lucky to get 40 frame rates.
  • ....
    2017-12-19 04:25
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    Actually douche bag Lindbejb is not the one who made this map nor did any of the other guys mentioned have anything to do with it. But congrats on making yourself look and sound like a complete uneducated idiot.
  • James
    2017-12-19 13:21
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    love the layout but cant get over 20 fps with a pretty decent pc
  • Tjdinmaine
    2017-12-19 17:44
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    its a great map, only issue i really have with it is there seems to be an issue with the terain detail....when plowing the fields, on farm one in one direction it will plow, but when you turn and go the other way it turns it to a medow or grass ground texture, and its not jjust visual as these areas dont accept seeding after....
  • I've given up hope in y'all
    2017-12-20 02:32
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    Is it really necessary to curse here? I'm sure young kids who play the game come to these mod websites and download mods just as you.
  • Eh


    2017-12-21 02:14
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    Im getting around 50FPS with a 1060, no issues here.
  • 17fps frame killer
    2018-01-14 01:25
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    Map is nice in GE, but totally unable to play it, getting 17fps just looking at the cow barn, deleted.
  • Todd o'brien
    2019-01-09 02:51
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    Cwj108 is the best American map maker. Too bad he doesn't complete and release half the shit he works on. Now he's on to FS19 like the rest of the sheep.
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