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Autumn tree farm v1
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Autumn tree farm v1

EN: Autumn tree farm nice looking fields and autumn trees.
DE: Herbst Baum Bauernhof schöne suchen Felder und Herbst Bäume.
FR: Ferme d'arbres d'automne, champs magnifiques et arbres d'automne.
PL: Jesienią gospodarstwa drzewa nice looking fields i drzew jesienią.
RU: Осеннее дерево фермы красивые поля и осенние деревья.


  • Anonymous
    2017-05-29 10:11
    I don't know where this map maker is from, but where we're from here in the far north of New England, when it's fall, there's still some green tree's.. need to import some normal tree's too, the autumn one's just don't look right by themselves. I like the layout otherwise.
  • Mikefs
    2017-05-29 11:27
    In my opinion, you do not have permission to upload the map.This is the official map. http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/-fs17-britishfarmstyle-v1-by-mike-modding/Very sorry again.
  • Anonymous
    2017-05-29 17:37
    Hi mike they may have used your simple map layout but a lot of the buildings are different and the some of the fields are different there is a lot more content in this farm then yours
  • Mikefs
    2017-05-29 23:16
    You can at least put my name there at in the credits and the rest there at.That trouble you have unfortunately not done. If someone does not really more active. Can you at least the names there.
  • Joop
    2017-05-30 22:35
    what goes around,comes arround
  • Joop
    2017-05-30 22:37
    issnt it now a days landbouw and akkerbouw......think so yea i am shure it is.
  • Joop
    2017-05-30 22:39
  • Clemens ter mors
    2017-05-30 22:52
    hoe voelt dat nou Mike? ik zeg maar zo....de deksel op je neus!ZO JAMMER WEER
  • Boertje van buuten
    2017-05-31 00:24
  • Boertje van buuten
    2017-05-31 00:25
    met je fake map
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