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Bag Brother v1.0
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Bag Brother v1.0

Big Bag modpack
Author: n0tr3adY


  • Alex2ruote
    2017-07-09 13:37
    Would be nice to know what this mod does and how it works. Why take the time to upload something that very few would download without description?
  • @alex2ruote
    2017-07-09 14:50
    Common sence lad is what you need the picture says it all
  • Alex2ruote
    2017-07-09 15:26
    Yeah, not really. I thought that maybe you can use your own stuff and pack it into bags, but these are for sale like pallets, so it's of no use for those who have fertilizer and seed production, and most of the new maps have the mods already on it.
  • Danidx
    2017-07-10 12:01
    why the hell you need a description these are BigBags!!! and what does a BigBag?? Yeaaah you can fill a sowingmachine or a manurespreeder with them.
  • N0tr3ady
    2017-07-11 09:38
    @alexd2ruote : because its a simple mod. bigbags as u see on photo, there is no need for extra wall of text.
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