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Bakery placeable v1.0
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Bakery placeable v1.0

Bakery placeable with placeable sales trigger and standard fruit:
And the next building I would like to share with you is a small bakery freely placeable, with standard fruits and svapa-emtypallets. And yes, this is the same building just a little re-textured.

To the facts:
Easy to make bread quickly and effectively.

Is required:
barley, wheat, sunflower, water, Svapa_emtypallets
With the described products and after the production time remove the bread on pallet at the front with a pallet fork.
Sells (put in the pack)  place it where you want, the bread pallets give and already there is money.

Barley 40000L
Wheat 40000L
Sunflowers 40000L
Water 40000L

Price: 190000 €
Accommodation costs: 55 / day
Production: 20000L / hour
Wish you a lot of fun baking bread, with me and a tester it runs log error free.

Idee / Konzept:joker35

  • Jack
    2017-06-23 22:47
    can you do a moonshine or a liqueur one
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