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Bale Storage v1.0.0.0
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Bale Storage v1.0.0.0

These bale storage buildings are a great way to store a large amount of bales. These storage sheds are the perfect match for Seasons mod.
Bales can be respawned on demand by using the built in menu interface. This building is also compatable with the Farming Tablet when using the 'Storage House App'.
Square Bale Storage: Straw, Grass and Hay Square Bales (108 Bales of each type).
Round Bale Storage: Straw, Grass, Silage and Hay Round Bales (120 Bales of each type).
IMPORTANT: Modified bale sizes will be accepted and respawned in the same order as delivered. The physical size/look of the respawned bale will be the same as a defualt bale no matter the size.
Ground markers are linked to the game settings menu.
CAUTION: Large Buildings (Flat ground only)!

(LS-Modcompany) GtX, Kevink98, Eribus

  • Casper
    2018-01-10 12:52
    How do you add bales to this? Cant get it to do anything.
  • Hsayar
    2018-01-10 16:03
    Despite the area being flat, the entrance doors were high.Can "placeable" "flat floor" mode be improved?As you know, when placing "portable objects"- turn right or left ",- "move forward, backward, right, left"options. SimilarlyIs it difficult to add the "up / down" option?
  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-10 18:46
    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CADLqIJe5S0
  • Todd
    2018-01-10 19:56
    @casper.go behind yellow markers and unload on concrete..i have no issues with mod and love it
  • Jd


    2018-01-11 03:38
    Buildings are a little big but work great on flat ground..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf_4F4pWpSg
  • Ray


    2018-01-11 20:34
    Wish there could be a silage bale storage in the square bale shed, just like in the round bale shed. I must say a very nice mod in any case.
  • Larryw
    2018-01-14 22:32
    Can you help me.I cant download any thing
  • Josh
    2018-01-16 23:47
    will not show up n game do i need most recent game update?
  • Raven2971
    2018-01-18 17:00
    need a palette storage
  • Pochy
    2018-03-22 05:33
    CASPER: man deposita entre las columnas y marcador amarillo.
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