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BallinCraig Estate 2017 v1.0
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BallinCraig Estate 2017 v1.0

Welcome to BallinCraig Estate. A small dairy farm in the heart of Northern Ireland. The map has 2 farms, 19 fields, a village, a machinery dealer, and an agricultural merchants.
The map is mainly grassland based with 2 barley fields to grow for straw. The map contains lots of features including:
Animated gates, lights and doors
A special silage barrier to allow you to fill the pit from the back
Seasons compatibility
Challenging terrain and tight lanes and gateways
High detail foliage and building textures
Have fun playing the map and I hope you have many hours of enjoyment.


  • Hey thomas
    2018-01-08 20:58
    did a noob beg u to post this? the map is shitty all get out. i fame this as the worst map of 2018 lol
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