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Ballydorn Farm v2.0
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Ballydorn Farm v2.0

Changelog V2.0
New savegame is NOT required unless you wish to use seasons, however players continuing on a savegame must go to their savegame folder, open it and delete the tipColMap.grle file from the savegame folder, go back into the savegame and then save it again... the game will build a new file with the changes in the collision layer.
1 Cultivated texture on fields 11, 13 and 14 changed to sown texture. (Only effects new savegame)
2 Log file error for invalid case fixed.
3 Cow sound (with no cows present)at Livestock farm removed.
4 Floating scenery at roadworks fixed.
5 Floating gravestones at church fixed.
6 BCA trailer supports fixed with wooden blocks.
7 BGA torch light fixed.
8 Several houses with flickering textures replaced.
9 Green lights on all houses, petrol station, stables and Biocer now off during the day. Building internal green lights left on during daylight as I think this is more realistic.
10 Stable lantern lights replaced with compound lights.
11 Have never encountered traffic collision at junction next to machine shop but traffic spline adjusted to less severe turn. (If you do experience this just stop and restart traffic in the in game menu)
12 Fixed floating rocks at waterfall
13 Fixed corner of house on island next to nursery which was floating
14 Clothes lines now lose the clothes at night
15 Various Flickering textures on trees and signs fixed
16 Tip collisions fixed
17 Small scenery changes
18 Map prepared for Seasons Mod.


Welcome to Ballydorn Farm, situated in Co. Down N.Ireland on the shores of Strangford Lough. This map is for PC only; it is large, full of detail, animation,lighting, and clip distances are large to prevent scenery popping, all things that will drag your FPS to a standstill. Most maps are understandably optimised so that most pc's can run them, this map is for those who don't want to sacrifice detail and have the machine to handle it. It will take a hefty PC to run it on high detail but wind down the settings and it should run okay on less powerful machines. Be warned though, it has been optimized to melt your GPU and spit it out the fan ports.
Ballydorn is situated in an area known as Killinchy, although there is a Killinchy village, Killinchy area comprises Killinchy, Balloo, Whiterock, Killnalakin, Ballydorn and Ardmillan, they are all included in this map. It is situated half way between Comber and Killyleagh in an area known as the Saintfield hills. The reason for this title will come apparent when you try working some of the fields or pulling a trailer load of grain up the Whiterock road. There is a lot to discover so I urge you to take some time and explore.
Inspired by the work of BulletBill and OxygenDavid I decided it was time for a N. Ireland map and where better than where I live, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. After many years of map building for my own use, I decided it was time to give something back to the community which provided both the inspiration and knowledge to allow me to build maps, a hobby which has occupied many long winter nights.
I know it's a big ask but I would like this map to be available only on FS-UK, the community which has helped and inspired its creation so please do not upload it to other sites but do feel free to edit it to your own tastes.
I think you will find this map both interesting and challenging but most of all I hope you enjoy it.
Version 2.0 removes all the problems found in testing but also takes the map to a new level of realism thanks to RealismusModding's amazing FS17_Seasons which incorporates many of the features I had always wished for in Farming Simulator. The map has been specially prepared to to allow this mod to work at its best but will of course work normally without it.


All standard FS features except train
Livestock Farm
Crop Farm
49 Fields
Multiple sell points
Livestock Yard
Traffic Spline
Pedestrian Spline
Animal Splines
Many animations
Switchable lighting
Street lighting
Speed Trap
Chopped straw
Log is clean

No additional mods required except

"Stop milk sale" by Marhu, if you wish to sell your own milk
"Chopped Straw" if you wish to use it. (Map Prepared)
"FS17_Seasons" by RealismusModdding if you wish to use it. (Map Prepared)

As this is the first map I have uploaded I'm not entirely sure who I am supposed to credit. I am certainly the sole author of the map but of course the models, scripts and textures are lifted from other maps and as so many of them appear in so many maps I have no idea who originally built or wrote them. In light of this I can only credit where I found them and if anyone reading this feels they should be mentioned then please let me know and I will add you in.
Giants Wouldn't be here without them
BulletBill This map was built from a completely blanked version of Coldborough Park simply for his beautiful textures. Some models and sounds from his map were also used. This map would not exist without the inspiration received from the work of BulletBill and OxygenDavid.
CCS101 (FS-UK) Testing and recommendations for improvements (Big thanks on this one)
[FSM]Atabogo Models sounds and scripts from the Auenbach map
k1ckz/AT-Franken, Fs 17 : Tautvis Models from their Stappenbach Map
Daniel Models from NF_Marsh Map
Aussie_Lee, Oxygendavid Models and sounds from Sandy Bay Map
Bart - NLD Farmers Models from Green River Map
Blacksheep Modding Models from Old Streams Map
RealismusModding FS17_Seasons
Skeleton Free Water mod
marmoe Right Hand Drive Vehicles

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    Having a fps drop issue, I have removed all mods and still the same issue, also have high end rig. Only drops lookin west in the map. I can't figure it out.
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