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Bank of Hagenstedt v2.2
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Bank of Hagenstedt v2.2

The credit union of Hagenstedt provides now their services.

Additionaly to the ingame bank you can take a loan, transfer money to other players or from the host to you.
Another highlight is the field management! Here you can buy, sell and lease fields.
Game Farming Simulator 17
Category Other
Author MX11
Size 49 KB
Released 14.03.2017
Platform PC/MAC


  • Roby1164
    2017-03-14 14:02
    transfer money to other players ??sell and lease fields??Only in German, no English language ??It would need a more detailed explanation !!
  • Rene
    2017-03-15 00:35
    @roby1164 i have checked the files, and it is available in english, german and french language!
  • Jason
    2017-03-15 02:44
    how do u activate it? what keys please
  • Wammie
    2017-03-15 12:20
    its alt key z
  • Jason
    2017-03-16 01:56
    thank u
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