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Bantikow v1.0
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Bantikow v1.0

The map was converted with fs15 and converted to fs17. Crops and cattle farms were added, as well as points of sales and purchases. 3 fields with grass remaining 22 with crops. All fields are yours. The tasks of farmers are not. The gates on the hangars and on the wickets are opened with the left mouse button.


  • Edde
    2017-03-10 10:09
    thank you this is an excellent map
  • Rick
    2017-03-10 12:20
    No Thank you King Kong
  • Blacky
    2017-03-10 23:24
    can you plz make it for rar file because zip file doesn't work with my computer rar file does and i love this map mod play it on FS 15 game
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