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Basic map v1.0
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Basic map v1.0

Just a basic map of goldcrest valley unmodified ready for modders to mod :)

Model: 1.0
Idea / Concept:
Testing: farmerads

  • Hmadsen
    2016-10-27 22:57
    Even if you delete some fields+crops to make a new farm home with all animals, the fields & the crops are still there, even though you removed the field and made asfalt for the new farm. Its fking annoying.. Still trying to find the error . So if you wanna make a new farm, stay the fk away from deleting fields, it wont work. BUT, if you found a fix, please SHOUT up. Thanks
  • Julien
    2016-10-27 23:14
    Impossible de déplacé quoi que ce sois,la map ne redémarre pas ?
  • Joe blows
    2016-10-28 06:17
    @HMadsen Its probably a layer or something kinda like animals are, its like an "eventarea" if that makes sense. But why in the hell do you post a goldcrest map with no changes when if someone is going to mod they probably know how to get goldcrest out already....
  • Hmadsen
    2016-10-28 17:03
    @Joe thanks, working on it.
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