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Beast modication pack trailer v1.1
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Beast modication pack trailer v1.1

Beast trailler pack look picture.

1. Doepker Reverse Super B tandem logger
2. Mac Simizer
3. Road Train Pack
4. US Trailer UAL
5. US Trailer UAL 4 essieux

Authors (moddesc.xml info):
Univerpix Studio
BEAST AND ORIGINAL BY Anpaes scottanime_edited
oxtar, Converted and Edited by Bigdaddy012678, UAL Script by HoT online Team


  • Dreammaker
    2017-12-23 20:27
    love it
  • Beast
    2017-12-23 23:34
    It is a pleasure
  • Connor
    2017-12-26 18:24
    Thanks for posting the trailers! I love the truck and the trailers are a great Christmas present!!
  • Connor
    2017-12-28 01:11
    Only downside is that the dump trailer spawns on the ground and it is impossible to hook it up
  • Beast
    2018-01-06 10:00
    ok i look for thats
  • Marty
    2018-12-19 10:04
    plz convert these to Fs19
  • Marty
    2018-12-19 10:05
    like to see all your truck and trailer mods on fs19
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