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Beaver Creek Seasons Test map v1.0
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Beaver Creek Seasons Test map v1.0

So guy's seen as though open testing went so well in the past here is the test map of Beaver Creek Seasons for all to try and if you find a problem message or comment it in as usual. You may well find problems in the map anything from triggers to floating objects etc, expect to as this is the test release for the first build of the new template 8. If possible include a photo of the issue and location. To use sugar cane in the map you must have the Platinum expansion and the latest Giant's 1.5 update installed. Download the map zip from my google drive and place it into your mods folder as is, load the game, select the map and play. You can also help test this with GPS, and CP. The map is seasons ready, have fun with it and remember if you spot a problem comment in this post. Regards Stevie. The map can be used and tested with all of Giants ground modules. The map was built with settings for the users very hi end PC and 1080ti GPU and may not function well on lower spec PC's but again you can feedback information of how it runs here on the FB page.

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  • Not this dumb ass again
    2017-11-18 00:05
    same shit ass all ways on all his maps
  • Is this ohio
    2017-11-18 00:39
    is this the beaver creak in ohio
  • Piss off
    2017-11-18 01:21
    piss off jerk monkeys, you guys are the reason people are giving up or keeping their maps private. Go make your own and then we can call your work shit
  • Aa


    2017-11-18 16:03
    all jerks commentators one of the best maps so far that I've played
  • Sheathanaich
    2017-11-18 17:52
    Nice map from Stevie,,,,My only bug bear with any Stevie map is the generous starting fleet and filled silo's..I role-play and sell everything at the beginning. Then adjust finances in save game to get rid of the millions. Giving myself enough to buy a few machines to begin with for the fields i own at start....But as a map this is a very good start as always...First class card...Will be alongside Snettetons in my mod folder... Kudos
  • Boertjevanbuuten
    2017-11-19 04:13
    great map from Stevie
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