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Beaver Creek V1B by Stevie
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Beaver Creek V1B by Stevie

Start a new game with this update, key map components have been updated or modified and require this. Delete any old map version from your mods folder and place the new downloaded map update zip into your mods folder, start up the game, delete any old saves, select a new slot and then the map.

Main update features:
Updated Snow mask, tip collision and ground collision for the map.
Updated cow nav mesh,
Updated foliage channels and settings.
Sugar cane re-growth fixed and growth rate increased.
Textures tweaked for deco grass.
Dirt lanes added at the user's request.
Guard rails and yard detailing at Jeebs adjusted.
Farm lake detailed as it was missed.
More detailing added into the map.
A few more object models added into the map.
The maps performance has been increased further. Note this map still requires a top end graphics card it was optimised for Nvidia GTX 980 and 1080 cards.
There's more as usual but you will not notice.

Many thanks to the FB users who helped test the map.

Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods

Design, layout, textures and some installed mods Stevie, Extra 3D models Luke_BK, server mp testing jman8798, All the rest. Marhu, Farmer_Andy, KevinK98, Kastor, Blacksheep, Nils23, Webalizer, FSModding, and Eisberg without whom the maps would not be as much fun to play.

  • Tim121672
    2017-11-30 23:22
    @joop, Google drive is one of the easiest to dl from, not sure what your issue is but if you explain it I may be able to help.
  • Tickle
    2017-12-01 00:16
    you do not need a top end computer to play this map. i play on a laptop on med setting with mirros turnd on and run ok for me. just saying
  • @joop
    2017-12-01 02:28
    i bet you its your internet connection
  • Iheartstevie
    2017-12-01 17:09
    Another great map by stevie! He never dissapoints. I can now move on from his production map. Although the farm is mostly the same it works well as always! Thanks again Stevie!
  • Koalat
    2017-12-03 04:45
    "Note this map still requires a top end graphics card it was optimised for Nvidia GTX 980 and 1080 cards." xD Please, all I have to do decrease draw distance and LOD distance I'll be fine. My 1050 Ti 4GB is plenty, as the base game requires 2GB or better. gtfo boi
  • Faelandaea
    2017-12-03 10:54
    I was king of excited for another map by Stevie ... and the screenshots of the scenery look so wonderful ... then I got to the screenshot of the PDA. Such potential lost on unrealistically squared fields. Still, downloaded to at least take a look.Also, not sure what the deal is with the whole "top end graphics" bit ... my computer is lower end than anyone else here and I was able to load this on max settings with no issues for a test run.
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