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Bednar terraland tn_profi and FertiBox v1
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Bednar terraland tn_profi and FertiBox v1

TERRALAND TN_PROFI is a classic chisel plough Terraland TN completed by 2 rows of Cutter discs with self-cleaning effect, which perfectly finalize the work of tines and rear tandem spiky rollers.

FERTI-BOX FB_F is a mounted front hopper primarily designed to place the fertiliser directly into the soil profile. Ferti-Box FB_F is attached to the tractor´s front hydraulics of category II./III. Material (fertiliser/seed) is transported pneumatically behind the tractor to another machine (Terraland TN, TN_Profi, Fenix FN/FN_L, Row-Master RN/RN_S etc.).

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  • Fs17vmods
    2017-06-12 17:50
    It is works? I download the mo but the tractor stops at every turn an cultivator is Folded
  • Guest
    2017-09-05 09:32
    mod has an lua call stack error! DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNTIL FIXED!!! Game Hangs as soon as you buy it in the shop!
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