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Bergmoor2K15 Converted v1.0
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Bergmoor2K15 Converted v1.0

Hello dear people!
Here I have for you one of my favorite maps from the Farming Simulator 15!
The Bergmoor2k15 from 714Power! Unfortunately, you can not reach him via Modhoster, or Facebook, so I have his map in version V0.9 converted for the current LS part. If He sees it here and does not want to, then please delete it.

To the map ->
The map was from the Farming Simulator 2017 and was one of the most beautiful maps there was! That's why I've made it LS17 ready for me, and I want to share it with you!
Unfortunately the Map 1. Lua has errors (due to triggers that are too close) - but do not disturb!
Map data ->
All animals (chickens, pigs, cows and sheep) are built in and work 100%!
New fruit textures
DirtControl (mud mod from the LS15)
2 small extensions of the map (in style of the mountain bog)
8K SkyHD textures
Seed / Fertilizer Trigger on the Hot (No Need to Buy BagPacks)
A manure storage (near Billigner) with permanent manure

Support / help is only available HERE

Modell: 714Power / Calli / 4x4 Modding
Textur: 714Power / Calli / 4x4 Modding
Script: 714Power / Calli / 4x4 Modding
Idee / Konzept:714Power / Calli / 4x4 Modding
Tester: 714Power / Calli / 4x4 Modding
Sonstige: 714Power / Calli / 4x4 Modding

  • Derflo99
    2018-03-15 02:17
    Hey can i have please the shader???for private playing???
  • Damir
    2018-03-18 07:34
    the map is ok but the big bug has a big hole in the middle of a folder in which the machine is down and can not get out and the machines do not work well
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