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Bergsee Map v5.2.1
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Bergsee Map v5.2.1

Hello I am Ben,

Version 5.2.1
Water trough addon
Edited fields
Trees offset / removed
Colli silage silos
TipCol renews regarding straw storage (eg box 9 and 10) works now

oh my my life was not easy in the last few years. First I lost my parents at the age of 18 and then I had to wait a whole 2 years for a course in agricultural science. The interim time, I have sold with auxiliary jobs on the surrounding farms here. Now my studies are almost over and I have a secure job too. Actually, everything is great. ........... until today, today a letter reached me.
A lawyer and notary wrote to me that since 2012 he is looking for the legal heirs of a client. Since it is probably difficult to throw the right one, he now hopes to have found the right person in me. He informed me that I had an uncle. This had probably in Bergsee a community court. All the inhabitants probably worked for or with my uncle to supply the village community. Many villagers have bought back land from the legacy of my uncle, otherwise it would have fallen to large investors. The local companies currently have to buy their raw materials expensive, which they all want to change quickly. Unfortunately, no one is allowed to continue the farm, as long as it is not foreclosed, which the villagers would like to prevent. If I'm the nephew I'm looking for, call him and make an appointment.
Great right? What should I do? The names of my parents fit, my data is correct, but I do not know anything about an uncle, I was always told that there are only my parents and me. I am not afraid of the responsibility to run a farm, but in a place completely unknown to me? Maybe you can help me, should I get in touch and go there, or stay here?
Thank you

27 fields from 1.13 to 19 ha
Meadows with about 9.5 ha at the farm
Ls 17 standard cultures
large yard with animals, storage and machine parking
living village
gold nuggets
Pig trader, cow dealer and shepherd searat

Bakery, Brewery, Coke, Greenhouses, Barrel Factory, Sawmill, Pallet Factory, Charcoal, Cardboard, Dairy, Pasta, Rum, Whiskey, Seeds, Fertilizer, Soy Milk, Weaving, Sugar Mill, Compost, Biogas
Sale : Edeka, garden center, grain trade, spinning mill, sawmill, straw, manure, grass, manure, biogas

I THANK all mappers and modders, the objects and scripts built on this map for their engagement, without all this gaming experience would not be possible. Especially for this map, I thank FalPos of Marhu.net, because without his help, I would not have published the map in this version, because all productions did not run in my test and he gave me a long troubleshooting the decisive hint to everything ans to run bring :-)
Kevin98, Marhu, FalPos, theRobbi66, ferbmann98, Blackburner, Arii, Weedi, Elk97, checker507, MoriceSpencer, Trixi, Solanz, devin, harrybo, 20mmNormandy, PowerPeter008,
Who has not been named, but finds again, please report I like to wear.
Now have fun
Greeting Papaherz
necessary downloads to the full gaming experience:
Kastor's Meat Processing: https: //marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php? T = 6279
Svapa biogas plant: https://www.modhoster.de/mods/platzierbare-biogas-anlage
You need the followers of the modpacks.


  • Tony
    2018-06-18 15:41
    What a useless SHIT story of an introduction to a map.
  • Neness
    2018-06-19 15:36
    bonjour bravo 38 photos . mais on ne vois rien on ne vois pas d usine pas de map mais des champs et un vehicule qui se promene . et la coup de chance il fait jour . il y en a qui ne cherche pas a faire voir leur map. merçi quand pour le travail efectuer
  • Wolf42
    2018-06-25 20:45
    boa a mapa e muito bem elaborado gostei, ja fez a colheita de quase tudo, mais........... agora semeando com que maquina,experimentei dois horsch mas nem uma semeando.trabalhando os campos primeiro arrando e que mais ? gostaria de jogar mais agora sem semeando não da
  • Wolf42
    2018-06-28 23:49
    ACABO DE DESCUBRIA AONDE ERA A FALHA DE NAO CONSIGIO SEMEAR.. Ttem tirar o schoppenstraff direct seed ai funciona,agora sim 5 estelas
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