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BGA Gebaudeset v1.0
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BGA Gebaudeset v1.0

Composed of generator house and bunker hall
Model: fqC art.
Texture: fqC art., Niggels modding
Ingame: fqC art.
The built lights come from Niggel's modding
Moddesc and animatedObjects are included.
The building set is installed exclusively via the Gaints editor, a placeable version will not exist.

The building set may be without our permission
Not changed and new
You can upload them WITHOUT release
As it is on your maps, so be nice and nice
Names the credits!
The building set may also be placed on other sides
Download, using the
Original Download - Links! THANK YOU!

Modell: fqC Art.
Textur: fqC Art., Niggels Modding
Idee / Konzept: fqC Art., Niggels Modding

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