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Biesbosch v2.0.0
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Biesbosch v2.0.0

This map is based on real life. The folder is created with Google Earth
The National Park the dutch Biesbosch is a unique freshwater delta of 8,000 hectares with a lot of small rivers and streams
but also many farmlands

What can you find in the map,
Main farm with Cows, Chickens.
sheep farm
Pig farm.
Biogass facility
livestock dealer where you can buy and sell cows, sheeps and pigs.
Sawmill where you can bring trees to make wooden planks.
Gardenshop where you can sell eggs manure and compost.
A large forestry area.

Wheat, Barely, Canola, Sunflower, Soybean, Mais, OilSeedRadish Potatoes, Sugar beets, Poplar.

ChangeLog V2.0.0
New savegame required !!
Added compostMaster.
Added pigFoodStar.
Added Mixing Station.
Added new gras and corn texturs.
Added mud.
AdditionalTriggers script updated.
FabrikScript script updated.
FarmSilo script updated.
Updated map01.xml.
Fixed FarmSilo plane.
Fixed dirt area pigs.
Other improvements.

required mods:
Chopped Straw.

Kotte Universal Pack.


thanks to

NLD-Farmers texturen,and support
BlackSheep Modding
Kevink98 (Script)

  • Ereedks
    2017-05-05 17:58
    You want to share this? Then upload it on a real website, not sharemods where you can get the pop-up ad trying to scam people into believing "Windows has detected a virus on your computer" BS. Idiots are the only ones who upload through them. It probably gives them malware when they upload there, too. lol
  • Donya2008
    2017-05-05 19:10
    what is a real website poeple has always somthing take it or leave it With all upload sites there are problems with pop ups take a good popup blockerOr go for paid sites where people place their mods LOL
  • Gertk
    2017-05-05 20:59
    Loop niet zo te zeiken man, wees blij dat er een mooie map uit komt
  • Donya2008
    2017-05-05 22:28
    dank je gert!!
  • Faelandaea
    2017-05-06 04:42
    Do not listen to the haters. Sharemods is the ONLY file sharing site for mods that does not give me any issues and I never see ads there. If people see ads on Sharemods then they WANT to see ads because they installed some other crap in their browser.Thanks for the download. Looking forward to streaming this one.
  • Farmer
    2017-05-09 00:57
    Nice map, to bad of all the fences. still love the map layout.
  • Pascal
    2017-05-11 11:44
    hallo hoe krijg ik het compost machine aan de gang heb hem gevuld maar ik krijg geen diesel toegevoegt hoe moet ik dat doen al vast bedankt voor de reactie het is een super map toppie
  • Donya2008
    2017-05-11 23:53
    voor de gele pijpen bij de composter zie je een putdeksel leggenn daar zit de los trigger
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