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Big Bud DLC for Farming Simulator 17
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Big Bud DLC for Farming Simulator 17

The second DLC for Farming Simulator 17 is on its way and it will be huge! The Big Bud 747 is one of the biggest tractors in the world and it’s as much part of this DLC as its „little“ brother, the Big Bud 450. Tractors this size need proper tools as well, so you will be pleased to hear that we will also add the Grégoire-Besson SPSL 9 plow, the Bednar Swifter SM18000 cultivator, the Hatzenbichler Terminator TH18 and Seed Hawk 980 XL Air Drill 84FT toolbars (among many more of various brands).

PC and Mac users can now pre-order the Big Bud DLC for €14.99 ($14.99) here. It will also be made available at physical retail for PC, in the form of the Official Expansion Big Bud. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will be available for download on the PSN and the Xbox Games Store for the same price at launch. Console Season Pass owners will get the DLC for free.

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  • Erpilas
    2017-03-30 17:03
  • Pete beret taylor
    2017-03-30 17:40
    HELL YEAH, finally a quality DLC for BIG FARMS awesome awesome.
  • Erpilas
    2017-03-30 18:11
    This is an abuse...
  • Zzzzz
    2017-03-30 21:21
    ERPILAS is right this is abuse 15 bucks for mods that should be free DLC should always be free, im a big bud fan but im not getting these for 15 bucks no way.
  • Erpilas
    2017-03-31 01:06
    You add, 40 € + 15 € + 15 € = 70 €, very expensive, abusive
  • Csx68
    2017-03-31 02:15
    im getting it same with the kabota and rumured JD dlcs
  • Heitorfs15
    2017-03-31 05:21
    Vai tomar no cu
  • Lexiontech
    2017-03-31 05:53
    $14.99... fine with me. Grow up and get a job. Don't complain its too expensive, something has to pay the bills at Giants software, its a business.
  • B.s


    2017-03-31 06:13
    jd dlc is bull. wont happen. class has agreed to license tho. so may see class yet this year.
  • Maurisio
    2017-03-31 15:57
    Where can I download this tractor?
  • Taylor
    2017-03-31 15:58
    Giants will make about 423.000 on this dlc and pay about 50.000 to the brands involved. Giants also sells its game for 35.00 while sticking it to us with the dlcs. Then resell it all over again in the next version of farming simulator.
  • Joe


    2017-03-31 21:14
    Giants does have to pay its bills. But as Taylor said we rebuy this stuff over and over. I bought all the dlc from FS13 and 15 plus the games. I re-bought all that in FS17 again.
  • Bitchman
    2017-04-01 02:47
    wait a couple days and someone will let it out for free giants mods always need editing lol
  • Zorlac
    2017-04-01 10:30
    15€ une merde pareil...Vous nous prenez pour des vaches à lait !!!!ils sont dispos gratuitement en plus !
  • Tazztower
    2017-04-01 19:19
    not so apprehensive about making the purchase since i had a look at the equipment that goes along with the 2 tractors..looking forward to it
  • Big dog
    2017-04-02 02:40
    why would I pay mony for a virtial mod?
  • Dreammaker
    2017-04-02 03:18
    as soon as i get it i will upload it here ok
  • Psmodding
    2017-04-10 21:24
    Upload it here, they would kill you.
  • Farmer
    2017-05-09 23:10
    i wish all the dlcs were free becuase i dont have the money
  • Farmer
    2017-05-09 23:12
    all i want is just the impelments and the little big bud
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