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Big bushes and hedges v1.0
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Big bushes and hedges v1.0

Deco-Pack for installation with the GE
It contains 5 different large shrubs as solitary plants and 3 hedges made up of high and low bushes with about 17.5 m in length and almost 10 m in height, for the quick map design. Very suitable for forest edges or field borders, as they often occur in nature.
This pack may be installed and published in Maps without prior approval.
Have fun, be creative!

Modell: GIANTS-StandardbĂĽsche
Textur: GIANTS-Standard-Texturen -bearbeitet-
Script: keines
Idee / Konzept: Remraf

  • Dalton67
    2018-01-04 09:55
    tres décoratif .....
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